Accounts Spreadsheets - the EASY range ...

This is our most popular Accounting Spreadsheet Programs range. With nearly 3,000 copies sold, it is designed for small businesses who have a limited understanding of bookkeeping and accounts, but who want to be able to produce accurate and informative records.

The KEY feature of this accounting software range is its EASE of USE with absolutely no accounting experience necessary.

' Your spreadsheet is just what we need, I spent ages researching all the fancy packages that do things way too complicated for our needs ...  AT, Rotherham, South Yorks'

It is available in three separate VAT formats: Standard VAT, Flat Rate Scheme VAT and Without VAT. 

Simply follow the links below to view the complete product specifications. 

 Small Business Accounting Software

The software is written using Microsoft Excel and is designed in a Monthly Worksheet format. The software simply records ALL of your business transactions using ONE LINE per transaction. If you want to maintain accurate accounting records, but have limited accounting experience  then this is the product for you.


The main features include a detailed Income and Expenditure report covering your accounting year , Sales and Purchase Ledger maintenance, a consolidated worksheet containing ALL the years transactions, a user definable accounts structure, automatic VAT Returns, detailed 'Year End' schedules and user notes for your accountant, a 'csv export' facility and 'at a glance' Monthly Income and Expenditure reports and Sales Analysis. 

' Excellent package with very easy to follow instructions ... GB, Peterborough '

' Fast, Efficient and VERY Professional service. Highly recommended ... WP, Southport '