Activating your Accounting Spreadsheet

  Your Accounting Spreadsheet is downloaded with 'Partial Activation', this means you will be able to set up your system and to enter your transactions for the first month. However, to continue processing for Months 2 - 12, you will need to obtain your Activation Code.

This is a two part process:

Firstly, please open the Excel file called Activation.xls which is supplied as part of your download pack. (see screenshot below)

You will be prompted to supply the following information:

Your Business Name - (As you would like it to appear on all reports)

Your Post Code

The full starting date of your Accounting Year      i.e. 01/06/2010

The full ending date of your Accounting Year       i.e. 31/05/2011

Your Order Confirmation Number

The program will then automatically generate a Validation Code.

Please save the file and forward it to 

Once we receive this information we will forward your Activation Code by email.

The  Activation Spreadsheet


Entering the Activation details onto the Licencing tab on your Accounting Spreadsheet