Getting Started ...

 Important information on the use of our Excel Spreadsheet programs.

Before using our Excel based software programs you should read the 'Read this First' pdf document supplied as part of your download pack.

This Getting Started page outlines the contents of the ' Read this First ' document and covers: 

(1) Make sure that you use the correct version of Microsoft Excel.

Most of our prodcuts are shipped with separate versions for Excel 2003, Excel 2007 and Excel 2010 [suitable for 2010 and 2013].

You should check to see which version of Excel you are using and then use the correcsponding file from your download pack.

To find out which version of Excel you are using, follow the link below:

Which Excel version am I using ...

(2) How to enable Macro Security in Excel.

Most of our products use VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).

VBA is a programming language that allows developers to enhance and automate various procedures within Excel. 

When you open an Excel file that uses VBA you will be prompted with a dialog box that warns you of this fact. You will then be offered the opportunity to either allow or disallow this feature.To use our products you must ALLOW this feature.

How to enable Macro Security ...

(3) Completing the Activation Process.

All of our accoutning spreadsheets are downloaded with ‘Partial Activation’, this means you will be able to set up your system and to enter your transactions for the first month. However, to continue processing for Months 2 – 12, you will need to obtain your Activation Code.

Most of our other products will need Activating prior to use.

Please follow the link below for details on how to complete the Activation process.

How to activate your software ...