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 Mr.SpreadSheet - support services 

Our commitment to you …. 

All of our products come with free 14 day email support. 

Any problems you encounter will be dealt with promptly and efficiently. (normally within 24 hours) 

If you require help outside of the free support period you are advised to purchase the ‘Support Pack’ corresponding to your product. 

The ‘Support Pack’ entitles you to unlimited support for the product for 12 months. 

How does the support work? 

If you have a product query then : 

Please review the system notes relating to your program, quite often you will find the answer to your query there. If not then please follow the procedures below: 

Draft an email outlining your query to fully describing the issue giving as much detail as possible.

Use worksheet and cell references where applicable.

Attach a copy of your workbook to the email.In the email header enter your Original Confirmation Order Number followed by the program name.

Please supply a day time telephone contact number.

Send the email to us and we will reply as soon as possible.