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Mr.SpreadSheet is a trading division of Heron Accounting Services (www.has.co.uk) who for the past 27 years have been specialists in Accounting Software and related Services.

We offer a comprehensive range of EASY to USE affordable small business accounting and bookkeeping spreadsheets (click on links below)

and a complete range of accounting services 


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At Heron Accounting Services we provide all of the essential accounting services necessary to help your business succeed. We put these services together in understandable modules and try to eliminate jargon and confusion.

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We concentrate on PlanningStructuringRecording and Delivering to provide you with a timely, accurate and cost effective accounting solution. 

Both new businesses and growing businesses need to plan their finances each year. If you set realistic financial targets your business has a greater chance of success. We are able to offer a comprehensive range of products and services to help you meet these financial planning objectives.

If you are starting a businessone of the most important considerations is your choice of Business Structure. The options you need to consider are either setting up a Limited Company or whether to trade as a Self Employed Business or as a  Business Partnership

Once your new business is up and running you will need to produce Year End Accounts.  End of year accounts are required for Self Assessment and Corporation Tax purposes. For incorporated businesses Limited Company Accounts are mandatory. Our Business Accounts pack is ideal for this purpose.

In order to monitor the financial progress of your business, the preparation of monthly or quarterly Profit and Loss Accounts together with an accurate Balance Sheet should ensure that your business finances are well controlled. You can upgrade your Business Accounts pack to include either monthly or quarterly Management Accounts.

If you are setting up a Limited Company, then at the end of your Accounting Year, you have a legal obligation to ensure that your Statutory Books are updated and that your Companies House Annual Returns are completed. Our Company Secretarial  pack takes care of all of these compliance issues for you.

At Heron, we provide all of these Accounting Servicesbut importantly we go one stage further by providing business consultancy. This service incorporates a thorough review of youAccounting Year and is available by incorporating our Small Business Advice pack into your yearly Accounting Services Pack.


Please contact us at  info@has.co.uk for further help and information

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